Making Service

We make curtains and roman blinds. These are hand stitched as this is the only way to achieve an invisible and professional finish. Curtains we generally make with pencil pleats or hand stitched pleats. Blinds come with good quality metal fittings or wooden battons.



I have hundreds of vintage fabrics in stock, in a wide range of colours and designs. These make perfect blinds or small curtains, and I can generally find the right thing to suit your colours and taste. There is less choice in vintage fabric for larger curtains, so we are happy to work with new fabric. We can help you with selection and sourcing for new fabrics.

Please come and have a look at our vintage fabrics, or we can bring a range for a home visit where you can see designs in context.


We offer a choice of good quality linings:

Standard lining: We use a high quality ivory cotton lining.

Interlining: We use a good quality medium weight interlining. Interlining gives a heavier and more luxurious look and insulates against heat loss. It is recommended for all curtains and can be used for roman blinds.

Blackout lining: Our blinds can be lined with a combined blackout and interlining to block out the light and help insulate against heat loss.


Lining vs interlining